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Jul 7, 2012 4:30am PDT
as in brussels. it is very good to have you with us. -- dw studio in brussels. the by london. scottish nationalists want independence. and why concierge are on the rise again in france. it will not be easy for the small island in the mediterranean. cyprus is taking over the presidency of the eu on the first of july at a time when europe is in its deepest crisis, but it knows the ins and outs of the union's problems only too well from its very own experience. there are closely intertwined with the greek economy, but help is on its way -- cyprus has asked for help from its european partners. in the past, it has turned to russia. >> these russian schoolchildren are rehearsing music numbers they will be performing at the next fall festival, but they only know russia from vacations. their home is cyprus. natalia also considers this harbor city her home. 13 years ago, the businesswoman made the move to the mediterranean. she now publishes a russian- language newspaper. she is proud of how much the russian community has contributed to prosperity in the island nation. >> they are important for
Jul 21, 2012 4:30am PDT
-- the role of circumcision in turkey. final wish -- u.s. and asia patients who donate their organs in russia. and black is back. what makes a man and man? that is a question that is no longer so easily answered in countries like germany, but there are societies that do have a very clear picture of their ideal man. some societies say a man is a real man only when he has been circumcised. but a regional court in germany will last month that the practice of circumcision represents a minor form of bodily harm to children, for the first time giving more importance to someone's physical well-being than to the right of freedom of religion. the ruling immediately met with heavy criticism from jewish and muslim groups. in turkey, for instance, it is the most important day in a young boy's life. >> he is 7 years old, but in turkey, he is already considered a man. he was circumcised to a wheel weeks ago and is celebrating his right of passage with 600 other boys. -- rite of passage with 600 of the boys here for some, the fanfares to much. for low-income families, the operation is financed by the city o
Jul 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
think they use fans to blow it through the airport, you know? it's like secondhand smoke. it should be illegal. [ laughter ] i looked around and i made sure no one was looking and i went oveto b the biggest cinnamon bun i could find. and i got the one with the nuts 'cause i told myself it had more protein, and i scarfed it right down. then the rest of the day, flying back, i felt like an addict. when i changed planes in chicago, i ran to get some chocolate-covered cherries, and i demolished the whole box before we even landed. [ laughter ] now, this biologic software, which was lifesaving 10,000 years ago, is now the cause of the single biggest killer in the 21st century. so, what is this deadly disee that affects one out of every two of us? diabesity. what disease is making over a billion people around the world fat and sick? diabesity. and 90% of people with this disease don't even know they have it. and what's worse is that your doctors aren't trained to find it, so they're not looking for it, and they don't know how to treat it. so, what is diabesity? well,
Jul 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
. good to have you with us today. here's what is coming up in the next half-hour. late pardon -- how cars deserters are fighting for their honor. parents will not give up slapping their children. and why the turks love their dogs. syrian soldiers who desert from their army to avoid shooting at their fellow countrymen are raised in the west, but the syrian dictator publicly denounces them as traitors. german soldiers whose refusal to fight hastened the end of the nazi regime had to wait some 50 years before they were rehabilitated. so what is a heroic deed and what is treason? some irish soldiers wanted to fight against hitler's germany and had to leave their own army to do so. >> these guys have seen a lot. philip fought with the british army against nazi germany. he even took part in the allied invasion of normandy, a bloody battle that claimed thousands of lives. >> he, you know, left ireland to go fight in the war because he just got married. he wanted to make a difference. he still had to provide for his wife and seven children and grandchildren as he got older. just what you would wa
Jul 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
. good to have you with us. here is coming up -- a watery grave -- a german war tragedy in poland. sites off the beaten path in prague. from all over europe flocked to poland and ukraine to follow the continent's biggest sports event. it is hard to imagine some times that just a couple of decades ago, this would not have been possible. too tensse were relations between eastern and western europe. this bet -- the second world war left some deep scars, which germans and poles have been striving to heal. >> 67 years ago in this idyllic spot, a plane crashed on march 5, 1945. it is a 20-minute drive from a popular seaside resort on the baltic. until 1945, it was part of german territory and had a large german population. in winter 1945 with the russian red army continuing its advance, the occupation authorities that up an airlift to evacuate germans from the area. planes departed loaded with the back kiwis, mainly women and children. normally a seaplane such as this one holds 17 passengers. during the airlift, they were crammed full with up to 80 people. on march 5, a plane carrying four cre
Jul 29, 2012 1:00pm PDT
shot in a moscow cathedral that was later uploaded to the internet. "holy mother of god, free us from putin," they sing. but the performance was shorter than the edited version appears. they actually sang for less than a minute, but it was long enough to draw the wrath of the state. then members who were not detained have become more cautious. they only agreed to meet us at this disused factory where they sometimes rehearse. afraid of being recognized in public, they were masks to conceal their identity. since their friends were arrested, they have realized how far putin's government is willing to go and how it has shaped russian siety. >> these are or president as he is called today, is the most important man in the land. at home, it is the father. a couple of notches lower, the mother. it is the same chain as always. that is what we want to destroy. as long as putin and his cronies are in power, nothing will change. >> since the three women were arrested, there have been regular protests to demand their release. "freedom," chant the demonstrators. many artists and intellectuals supp
Jul 28, 2012 4:30am PDT
responsibilities. especially towards us athletes, who are going to represent our country in london. >> the first panathenaic games were held in athens in 566 bc. the first modern olympics were held here in athens in the late 19th century. va says that greece must not forsake its ancient traditions or its promising young athletes. >> do you know who this had and i belong to? sherlock holmes, the famous detective. even he would have had a hard time tracking down the people behind betting frauds. it is next to impossible in our digital age. the culprits can literally be anywhere in the world manipulating sports bets on the internet. today, abetting fraud is considered the biggest threat to sports after doping, and it is something the organizers of london 2012 are taking very seriously. >> there is no doubt about who the big winners in the summer olympics will be -- london's bookmakers. they already handled billions of pounds a year in bets and horse and dog races and soccer matches, but the olympics mean a gambling bonanza. the gambler's just pay and help for the best. he generally 61 services, but
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)